KAPOW Creative

kapow creative logo on wallKAPOW Creative is a graphic design and web design company based in Vancouver, British Columbia and is owned and operated by freeleance Graphic Designer Tom Norman. While they say it’s good to specialize, we just can’t get enough of your challenges! So whether it is branding, web design services, books, reports, signage, newsletters, packaging, business cards (okay, we could go on and on here…) or just plain advice, well we’re here for you with thoughtful, well crafted and affordable solutions.

We are client-oriented company that truly listens to what you need and will create the best solution and fit for you in a timely and fairly priced manner. We love to work with clients that are socially and environmentally responsible and we actively seek out sustainable solutions in all that we do. We try to make the design process and experience as easy and fun as possible while approaching each project seriously and with care.